Illinois Concealed Carry

"If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge or jury. Therefore what he must be taught to fear is his victim". —Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper, Gunsite.
Take responsibility for your personal safety! Become your own first responder! Get qualified to lawfully carry a concealed handgun in Illinois. Triggercontrol Tactical provides safe and intensive training for those interested in being responsible, armed civilians. We offer the premier curriculum and best value in Illinois concealed carry license instruction and qualification. Our maximum class size is 10 so you get the most attention and individual training.

Safe & Fun Classes for New Shooters

We also specialize in teaching novices safe handgun skills through the NRA Basic Pistol Course, private instruction and courses tailored to couples, ladies and gentlemen. Our pleasant, low stress classroom environment is free of macho posturing and seeks to put shooters at ease. For more experienced pistol shooters we offer tactical training to perfect your ability to take responsibility for your personal safety. Unlike most instructors, I teach dry fire training techniques that are essential to perfecting pistol marksmanship and allow you to inexpensively strive for shooting excellence in the stress-free privacy of your home.

Pistol Classes


Above all, Triggercontrol Tactical is devoted to awareness, education and training. Safety is always first and our courses offer intensive, but low-stress and hassle-free, pistol instruction in a comfortable environment. TCT owner Mike is an experienced teacher, lecturer and author who presents material in a manner that informs but does not intimidate. TCT lessons are designed to engage and stimulate shooters of all levels. TCT also recognizes that guns aren't for everyone. We offer training in non-lethal defensive techniques, situational awareness, avoiding being a victim, and making your personal space and home more secure.

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Victim Avoidance

Victim Avoidance Seminar

This class teaches you how to modify your behavior and take simple steps towards making yourself and unattractive target for the criminal predator. This seminar does not cover self-defense, non-lethal or lethal, but directs you where to obtain these important skills. The focus is instead on understanding the predator mindset and what cues trigger their responses. It teaches you what signals their victims give off and how you can alter your routine to minimize your risk. It also covers home safety essentials.

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Glock Mods and Repairs

Glock® Repairs & Modifications

Safe, simple and reliable, the Glock® pistol is carried by 65% of law enforcement officers and is a favorite for sport and competition shooting, home defense and concealed carry. It is also a pistol that many users wish to have customized with the many aftermarket parts available. We are a Certified Glock® Armorer and do everything from repairs to sight installation and basic modifications to grip work, stippling and custom finishes. Similar work can be done on other striker-fired polymer handguns.

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Sight Installation

Sight Installation

We install new sights on all pistols at a reasonable price. Aftermarket sights, especially tritium night sights, are one of the most common upgrades performed on any stock pistol. However, they require a sight pusher to be done properly without damage to sights or slide. We install customer-supplied sights or can order what you want at a competitive price and install them at a discount.

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About Us

Triggercontrol Tactical, LLC is dedicated to "sheepdogs" who aceept personal responsibility for defending themselves and family. TCT is also committed to safe, fun and effective handgun shooting. We are first and foremost about training and practice. Education is our passion and the foundation of our company.

Trigger Control is the essential fundamental of pistolcraft and, thus, the ideal name for our business. We strive to teach new shooters how to achieve shooting excellence and to help perfect the technique of more experienced shooters. We also are involved in pistolworks via sales, FFL transfers, customization, products and custom ammunition.

Mike (Michael Jacobi) is an expert defensive pistol shooter who was initially taught forty years ago by his retired police chief father. He has many years of experience instructing and lecturing, and his expertise is clear and consice teaching skills. He is a teacher, first and foremost, not ex-military or ex-law enforcement. Veterans and police officers are heroes, but that doesn't make them effective teachers or students of cutting-edge principles and training methods. Mike has no "knee deep in blood, hot brass and hand grenade pins" stories and has never been in a gunfight. He is a lifelong shooter with a passion and aptitude for teaching and vast experience in doing so. He focuses on positive mindset and modern, effective training methods that teach your brain to control complex motor skills under stress. He is an Illinois State Police Certified Concealed Carry Instructor and an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. He is also an NRA Range Safety Officer and Certified Glock® Armorer. He has trained with Ken Hackathorn, Larry Vickers, Alias Training and Security Services, and at the legendary Gunsite Academy. Mike is a member of the NRA, ISRA, IDPA, GSSF and NSSF, and a plankowner member (#051) of the American Warrior Society.


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