Effective October 1, 2016, Triggercontrol Tactical, LLC is primarily focused on private defensive handgun technique lessons. Illinois Concealed Carry classes are no longer being taught.

There are two different private lessons available. One is for shooters of all levels, whereas the other is my Tactical Carry Private, which is only available to graduates of my IL Concealed Carry class. Further information on these two private lessons can be found in the Store, but the regular private lesson can be tailored to your goals and needs and generally is two hours in length. The Tactical Carry Private is a "shooting from the holster" lesson for those who have previously studied with me, and incorporates many defensive pistol skills including movement and the use of cover. This session is four hours. All private lessons are scheduled by appointment after registering via the Store and then discussing by email a mutually convenient time to meet at Alpha Range in McHenry, Illinois.

My Cary office and classroom location is now permanently closed. The business telephone number is now disconnected, and all contact should be by email only to info@triggercontroltactical.com.